DDC Patient Comments

June 2017 DDC Patient Callback Comments

Everyone was fantastic. Had procedures in the past with anesthesia and usually had nausea for 48 hours. Anesthesia
did a great job of treating me before and is the only time I had a great experience with it. Everyone was excellent.
I've been to a lot of hospitals over the years and y'all were by far the best.
100% satisfied.
Nurses are awesome. Amy Carver was excellent. She stuck me and I didn't even feel it.
Everything was wonderful.
It couldn't have been better. Y'all did a great job.
Did great, everyone was fantastic.
Everyone was sweet. Area was clean, All of the nurses were awesome.
It was good.
Everything went well.
It was wonderful, everything was great.
They were super.
Oh yes, it was very, very good.
You did a great job.
They did excellent.
It was wonderful, they were super. Impress with tenacity in getting IV after vein collapsed with Reynaud's.
Everything was wonderful, I was very happy with my care.
I loved it.
Great care.
Everybody was so sweet.
Everything was fine.
It was all great.
Everything was on target.
Very professional.
Everybody was nice, couldn't have been any better.
Y'all were wonderful.
Everything was great, so nice.
Very satisfied.
It was great.
More than satisfied.
Y'all are wonderful, great.
Everything was just fine.
Everything was great.
Y'all did as good as can.
Y'all were super sweet.
Everything went fine.
So thankful for care nurses gave me.
Very good.
Everything went along lovely.
I appreciate y'all.
Everything was lovely.
Everybody was so friendly, professional, exceptional. Great experience.
Very fine care, no better.
Best care anyone could give.
Y'all are always great.
Y'all did a wonderful job.
GI unit was great.
Did a fine job. Many trips and y'all very nice and good.
You guys were excellent.
Care was perfect.
Y'all did an excellent job.