DDC Patient Comments

April 2017 DDC Patient Callback Comments

Y'all are so awesome, we have come a few times and it's not a fun trip but y'all make it the best it could be.
Everyone was very professional and nice.
Y'all were fabulous.
Y'all were wonderful.
Everyone was professional, quality of care from nurses was excellent.
It was all great.
You did perfectly fine.
Y'all did a good job.
Everything was good.
Staff was wonderful.
Very satisfied, just wonderful.
Y'all are so sweet.
Care was amazing.
You was all right.
Great, very good, really nice.
Y'all did good.
We were overwhelmed with the care.
Everything was quite excellent.
Very pleased.
Everything was so right, Southwest always takes care of mama.
Everything was good, everybody was very nice.
Y'all done a good job.
Appreciate the excellent care, outstanding.
Y'all done great.
Everybody was so nice.
It was good, excellent.
Y'all did great.
Everything went fine.
Everything went good.
It was great.
Everything was fine.
Y'all did wonderful.
Totally satisfied, y'all did a great job.
It was all good.
Nurse that did IV stuck me 1 time and usually have problems with that, so impressed.
It was good.
Everything was just great.
Got good care.
Staff was great.
Everything was great, I enjoyed it.
Y'all nice.
It was fine.
Everyone was so nice.
Everybody was real nice, well pleased.
Everybody was real nice.
Y'all were nice.