Ambulatory Surgery Center

Patient Information

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Our patients may park in the SMRMC parking lots. The construction of the Mississippi Cardiovascular Institute as brought some difficulties in finding a parking space close to the ASC. Valet parking is available at the Main Entrance of the Medical Center. We encourage you to use this service.

Registration Options
You are registered in the ASC on the day they receive services. You may and are encouraged to register before the day of surgery.

Waiting Area
Family members are accommodated in a spacious waiting area with cable TV. Telephones are available for their use. Freshly brewed coffee, fruit and periodicals are also provided.

Before Surgery
The ASC provides Pre-Operative Teaching where an ASC nurse and anesthesiologist or Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) will describe the procedure, inform you of your patient rights and answer any questions. You can obtain your teaching a day or two before your scheduled surgery date. No appointment is necessary, though we ask that you arrive before 4 PM as this teaching does take some time.

On the Day of Surgery
Patients are admitted to the Pre-Operative Area. Your family can wait with you in this area. The anesthesiologist will also meet with you before surgery to discuss your anesthetic plan. The ASC requires that one responsible adult be available to drive and care for you once you leave to go home.

Following Surgery
Once surgery is complete, you go to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit where monitoring is conducted by skilled nurses. When ready, you will go the Secondary Recovery Area where visitors once again may join you. You will be offered light meals or liquids and continue to rest until you are ready to be discharged.
Prior to being discharged, you and are given instructions on proper follow-up care. A nurse from the ASC will telephone after surgery to check on the patient's progress.
If you have any questions, contact a nurse by calling 601-249-1456

When Your Child Needs Surgery
Parental anxiety is a universal feeling when your child needs surgery. At the ASC we understand your needs and will work directly with your child to help them learn what to expect on the day of surgery.
The ASC is very child-friendly. Before surgery your child can play in our playroom, where there is a TV and VCR, along with age-appropriate toys. We suggest the child bring a favorite toy or item from home, such as a doll or a blanket. This may lessen fear and also help comfort and relax your son or daughter. When it is time to go to the operating room, your child may be given a ride in one of our red wagons. Parents rejoin their children when they awaken in the Secondary Recovery Area. Having a parent present helps reduce anxiety for both the child and the parents.