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 CIM Clinics: Just a Heartbeat Away

Like the Cardiovascular Institute of Mississippi in McComb, we established each of our satellite clinics to bring world-class heart care directly to those who need it most. We recognized that there was a large, under-served, rural population that could only access care if we came to them. So we did.

 A Cardiovascular Institute Clinic in Monticello are merely an extension of our state-of-the-art heart hospital in McComb. It’s the same physicians and support staff. Their approach to the detection, prevention, and intervention of cardiovascular diseases is the same. We’ve simply made seeing them more convenient for you. We also have a CHF and pacemaker clinic to assist patients in the management of these cardiac disease processes.

Early detection is the key. So please schedule an appointment at one of our convenient clinics today. No physician referral necess

303 Marion Avenue
McComb, MS 39649
(601) 249-1350
1065 East Broad Street
Monticello, MS 39654
Toll-Free: (866) 339-1350