Our Maternity Suites

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ldrp1The Decision Is Yours
Early in your pregnancy, you should discuss your birthing plans with your physician to specify any questions or special requests you may have. You should confirm your wish to have your baby at SMRMC and discuss the merits of choosing our L/D/R/P suites. At this time you'll also discuss the use of anesthesia, and its effects on childbirth. Southwest Regional's Women's Center can accommodate all forms of anesthesia in our L/D/R/P suites and our traditional rooms.

Once you and your physician have relayed to us your special needs, our staff will make every effort to meet those needs as completely as possible. To help make your maternity stay with us the most enjoyable, you may confirm your intent to have your baby at SMRMC by preregistering with us. For preregistration procedures, call 249-5500.

Single-Room Maternity Care
Due to the many merits and increasing popularity, SMRMC is pleased to have nine beautifully decorated L/D/R/P suites -- four standard rooms and five deluxe rooms offering kitchenettes and spacious armoire/entertainment centers. In these L/D/R/P suites the mother goes through all phases of childbirth. The single room system lets you avoid being moved to four different places; from the labor room to the delivery room, from the delivery room to the recovery room, and from the recovery room to a hospital room.
Your L/D/R/P suite is a beautiful combination of homelike comfort and medical sophistication. Instead of you going to the equipment, all the state-of-the-art technology of childbirth is brought to you, out of sight until needed. It's also reassuring to know our two new operating rooms, critical care nursery and deluxe infant care nursery are a few short steps away in the same unit, should they be needed. After all, it's what being the area's leading medical center is about.

ldrp2A Family–Centered Maternity Service
Certainly, the birth of a child is a family experience. Your L/D/R/P suite provides the assurance of privacy and the freedom to share this wonderful time with your loved ones. Our spacious, lovely rooms are designed expressly for this purpose.
You get to decide who remains with you during the labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum phases of your childbirth. It's a good idea to discuss this with your physician in advance, and to decide the issue of appropriately preparing siblings or other children being with you.
Our nursing staff will be with you throughout your stay to provide personal care and assist your needs, answer questions, and demonstrate helpful parenting techniques.
Please remember that your physician or nurse may ask family members or support persons to leave the room in order to meet the mother or baby's special needs.

The Finest Equipment Available
Every facet of our L/D/R/P suites represent premier quality maternity care. Perhaps the finest example of this is each suite's amazing birthing bed -- the new Affinity model by Hill-Rom, a combination chair/table/bed which enables freedom of movement and upright childbirth positioning. Physiologic advantages of the different positions include a vital one -- protection of the baby's oxygen supply. And the upright position introduces the force of gravity, and creates curving of your backbone -- both of which help you push the baby out. The Affinity bed is so advanced it usually can help make the birth shorter and more comfortable. Designed to better accommodate the mother's anatomy, this bed is truly the leading edge, and replaces a labor bed, transfer gurney, delivery table, birth chair, and recovery bed.
Every Southwest Regional L/D/R/P suite also features a matching bassinet, rocking chair, convertible sleeper love seat, private bath with whirlpool and shower, plus a full complement of other advanced equipment and technology needed to provide state-of-the-art maternity care.

ldrp3After Your Baby Arrives
Another wonderful feature of our single-room suites is your freedom of choice to have your baby stay with you. As long as your newborn is healthy, he or she may stay in the room with you as much as you like. Of course, the Women's Center nursery is always staffed with attentive, loving caregivers to look after your baby whenever you need rest or privacy.
And when you and your family are ready to go home with your newest member, you'll receive some special gifts to take with you, including a great diaper tote bag and supplies you need to care for your baby.

Visitation Policy
The whole idea behind our L/D/R/P suites is to allow you the flexibility to have your immediate family and friends share this special occasion. At the same time, we've established policies to protect your privacy and ensure that you have sufficient time for rest, child- and self-care instructions.
With that in mind, the following visitation policy has been adopted for the Emma B. Holmes Women's Center at Southwest Regional. Our objectives are to ensure an atmosphere of quiet, restful bonding for our mothers and babies, and to protect our newborns from infections. Colds, flu or other viruses and illnesses you would normally consider minor could be hazardous to the health of our SMRMC babies. We ask you, your family members, and other guests to abide by these rules:

  1. Always check at the nurse's station first.
  2. No smoking at any time by mothers, their family, or visitors.
  3. There may be up to four visitors in a room at any given time during the mother's stay in the L/D/R/P rooms.
  4. The mother will decide who remains with her during delivery.
  5. Visitors will wait in the waiting area when not in the mother's room.
  6. Siblings only, may visit during your stay. We ask that you not bring sick children into the unit.
  7. After delivery, the regular visiting hours are observed. The hours are 2-4 p.m. and 6-8 p.m

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