Cardiovascular Intitute
303 Marion Avenue
McComb, MS 39648
(601) 249 1350

Monticello Clinic
1065 East Broad Street
Monticello MS 39654
 (601) 587 1214


Sonia Travis
CIM Administrator
601 249-1803

Anna Lawrence
Director - Nursing Services
601 249-1831

LaVoyce Boggs
Director - Surgical Services
601 249-1168

Kevin Fiorella
Director - Cardiovascular Services
601 249-1355

Gabe Gabler
Administrative Director - Cardiac Rehab
601 249-4728

Natalie Moore
Clinic Administrator
SMRMC Outpatient Clinics
601 249-1350

The Cardiovascular Institute of Mississippi is the state’s premier Heart Hospital. Dedicated to cardiovascular diagnosis, intervention and wellness, this state-of-the-art facility is brings the latest in cardiac care technology, as well as some of the country’s finest physicians, home to McComb. Residents of southwest Mississippi and northern Louisiana have easy, around the clock access to lifesaving cardiovascular care such as cardiac catheterization, angioplasty and open heart surgery. Not to mention the convenience of full service interventional cardiology care and comprehensive cardiopulmonary wellness and fitness programs.

From a pair of expansive, technologically advanced surgical suites, our seasoned cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons perform a variety of invasive procedures, including traditional open heart surgery and off-pump or beating heart surgery. In turn, area residents can not only undergo open heart surgery but do so in a state-of-the-art environment on a par with any of the country’s leading cardiac care facilities.

It should do your heart good to know that the Cardiovascular Institute of Mississippi is nearby if you or someone you love suffers a heart attack or stroke. When cardiac emergencies strike, timeliness of care means everything. Not having to drive an hour or more for cardiac care can be the difference between life and death. That’s why we’re on call 24-hours a day, ready to administer lifesaving procedures such as primary angioplasty, the gold standard for heart attack treatment.

In the field of cardiovascular care, the presence of a catheterization lab is one of the primary capabilities that separates the full service providers from the rest. We have three labs, each boasting the latest generation technology and equipment. From any of these labs, our team can provide immediate cardiac testing and, when necessary, on-site catheterization.

The institute uses Single Setting Care. Rather than carting a patient all over the healthcare complex, all care from diagnosis to intervention to wellness and rehabilitation is administered under one roof. This concept is best evidenced by our post-surgery and cardiac intervention unit where virtually all cardiac care may be administered, with few exceptions.