C.O. Haskins Health Education Center

nurse discusses news with patient

The C. O. Haskins  Health Education Center is a community service provided by Southwest Health System. We want to encourage and promote healthy life styles by providing educational opportunities for our patients, family, and staff.

The purpose of patient education is to provide a general knowledge base to each patient regarding his or her specific condition. The educational process takes place on a one-to-one basis between the patient and/or family and the educator, and includes the use of audiovisual aids, booklets, and discussion. If you have any questions or if you desire additional information, please ask your nurse.

Education on various patient safety issues is available throughout the hospital. Information on hand washing is available in many areas and at waterless hand washing stations located in patient care areas.

Specific programs on patient education include:  Tobacco Cessation and Community Lunch and Learns.

Support groups held at SMRMC include:  Mended Hearts and Stroke Support.  Contact The Training Center for more information at (601)249-1870. Coming soon, full calendar will be posted on home page.