Lawrence County Hospital
1065 East Broad Street
Monticello MS 39654
(601) 587-4051

Lawrence County Hospital has provided community care since 1960. The 25 bed is a division of Southwest Health Systems and is designated as a Critical Access Hospital.

Lawrence County Hospital is a
not-for-profit institution approved by the state of Mississippi for participation in Medicare and Medicaid programs and is licensed by the Mississippi State
Department of Health and The Mississippi Hospital Association. We have 25 acute care beds with a 96 hour average length of stay.



Dr. Richard G. Burris

Dr. Brantley B. Pace

Dr. James Stephens

Dr. Joe A. Ward

Dr. Alfredo Rodriguez

Dr. Andrea Moman

Kiley McLendon

Sue Sullivan

Genie Vaughan



Family Practice

Family Practice

Family Practice

Family Practice



Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner

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Emergency Department features 24-hour coverage.

Ambulance Department features 24-hour coverage.

Radiology Department:Imaging includes Radiographic, Ultrasound, CAT and Pulmonary Embolis.

Respiratory Therapy: Testing includes EEG, EKG, Holtermonitoring

Clinical Laboratory: 24-hour coverage of Hematology analyzing, chemistry profile, coagulation testing, bacteriology analyzer and blood bank.

Dietary: Complete dietary consultation and registered therapeutic diet for outpatients.

Endoscopy: Testing includes EGD, Colonoscopy, Peg tube placement.

Outpatient Services: Monday through Friday is available with physician order, for all patients who do not require ER or inpatient treatment. Includes all lab work and wound care as well as epogen and neupogen injections and medication administration.Cardioly Clince twice a month with Cardiologist. Outpatient Wound Care Clinic
provided weekly with wound care specialist.

Intensive Outpatient Program: This program is designed to treat older individuals in need of intensive psychiatric intervention, but who can safely and effectively be treated in an out-patient setting. Active treatment for individuals with mental disorders feature several options. Intensive Outpatient treatment is designed for the patient who is no longer in-patient in the hospital but requires more intense therapies than physician office visits.

Swing-Bed Care is short-term skilled nursing care provided for Medicare recipients in a rural hospital. A physician must refer you to this short term SNF care unit for Medicare recipients. You must be in an acute care facility at least 3 days prior to admission or within the last 30 days. The goal of our healthcare team is to restore patients to their previous level of function and independence. The average length of stay is less than 20 days,