Southwest Seniors

Health Passport50 & Health Passport Gold

Q: What is Health Passport?
A: Health Passport is a special program for seniors, offered exclusively by Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center. Its purpose is to provide special treatment and benefits to folks 50 and over. After all, we believe you've earned some extra attention.

Q: What is the difference between HeathPassport5O and Health Passport Gold?
A: HealthPassport5O is for people 50 and older, while Health Passport Gold is for people 65-plus. Health Passport Gold has all the features of HealthPassport5O, plus a very important benefit: With Health Passport Gold, you may never have to pay an SMRMC hospital bill again, provided you meet Medicare and supplemental insurance requirements (outlined below).

Q: Who is eligible for HealthPassport5O?
A: Anyone age 50 or older.

Q: Who is eligible for Health Passport Gold?
A: Anyone 65 or older who carries the hospital portion of Medicare (Part A) and the medical portion (Part B), along with SMRMC-approved supplemental insurance coverage. As long as you remain eligible for Medicare and your supplemental coverage, you'll qualify for the full range of special services as a paid-up member of Health Passport Gold.

How Health Passport Gold complements your Medicare and supplemental insurance

Q: Is Health Passport Gold an insurance supplement?

A: No, it's not an insurance policy. Instead, it is a collection of services designed to complement Medicare and the existing provisions of your supplemental coverage.

Q: Will I still owe hospital bills?
A: The goal of Health Passport Gold is to ensure that you don't. Sure, every case is different, and some exceptions are
possible. But most members of Health Passport Gold will be able to use outpatient or emergency services or even make it through an extended hospital stay without ever paying a hospital bill. The only exception would be in the rare instance that you would have to spend more than 150 days in the hospital for any one spell of illness.

Q: What hospital services are included?
A: Your membership guarantees that you'll never pay anything for medically necessary service you receive while a patient at SMRMC. Any charges for your room, meals, X-rays, tests -- any hospital services ordered by your doctor -- will be automatically paid in full. But that's just the beginning of your benefits: It's the little extras that make the difference. And that's what you'll appreciate most as a member of Health Passport Gold.

Q: Does this replace Medicare or supplemental insurance?
A: No. Health Passport Gold only covers those hospital services you receive from SMRMC. It does not cover doctors' bills, or any services you may receive from another hospital. By keeping your Medicare eligibility and supplemental insurance up-to-date, you'll be able to protect yourself against these additional charges as well as incidental medical expenses such as prescriptions and home care. You'll need both Medicare and supplemental insurance to qualify for membership in Health Passport Gold. Rather than replacing these two forms of protection, Health Passport Gold expands the range of their coverage while at SMRMC, for either inpatient or outpatient services.

Q: What if I'm over 65, but don't carry the required supplemental insurance coverage?
A: You can still be a member of HealthPassport5O and enjoy all its wonderful advantages. However, you will still receive hospital bills just as you do now. Applying for membership.

Q: How do I join HealthPassport5O or Health Passport Gold?
A: Simply fill out the attached reply card and mail it today. Then, we'll send you a full application. The information you provide on that application will be recorded in microfilm on your Membership ID Card, so it is important that all information be correct. If you have any questions, just call SMRMC at 249-1555, and ask to speak to your Health Passport Coordinator.

Summary of Benefits: HealthPassport5O and Health Passport Goldhealth-passport

  • Express admissions and discharges
  • No hospital bills (Health Passport Gold only)
  • No deposits
  • 20% discount on cafeteria meals
  • Personal Health Passport Coordinator
  • Free blood pressure screenings
  • Quarterly health education seminars
  • Ongoing health screenings
  • Special meal events
  • Quarterly health and wellness newsletters
  • Ongoing activity programs
  • Discount on community health education wellness programs
  • Free guest cot
  • Free guest meal daily
  • Free outpatient diet instruction
  • Free walking club (coming soon)
  • Private room at no additional charge
  • Physician referral service
  • Emergency medical card with your medical history on microfilm
  • Newsletter with notification of special events
  • Ongoing development of additional benefits

A lot of extras for just a little money. As a hospital inpatient, you'll discover extras such as express admissions and discharges, no financial deposits and reduced red tape and paperwork. You'll get a private room at no extra charge, as well as a 20% discount on meals purchased in the hospital's cafeteria.

Health Passport also offers services to keep you out of the hospital. That includes health and wellness services like free blood pressure screenings, health education seminars and free outpatient diet instructions (when ordered by your doctor).

Best of all, you'll have a person - your Health Passport Coordinator - to call for advice on Medicare and insurance matters, or to answer any other questions you may have. As complicated as healthcare can be nowadays, that's reason enough to join.

So think about it. That's a lot of extras for just a little money: just $10.00 per year, to be exact.
To find out more about HealthPassport5O or Health Passport Gold, just call 249-1142,
and ask for your Health Passport Coordinator.