Patient Information

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_DSC3732320When a patient and those who care about them are confronted with the diagnosis of cancer, many problems and challenges will arise. Trying to cope with these problems is much easier when patients have information and resources available to them. Many patients worry about their daily routines, such as their jobs or caring for their families, being interrupted. They often worry about their treatments, other exams or tests, transportation, hospital stays or the amount of medical bills this will generate. All of the members of the Oncology Team can help address your questions or concerns. A social worker may be able to help you locate the proper person to see about any financial aid, emotional support, transportation or any home care that is needed. Friends or relatives, who have had personal experience with cancer, can be supportive. It helps many patients to meet with other patients who are facing problems like their own. This is often done through support groups. Remember that all patients are individuals, and even though some friends or relatives may have had the same disease, their treatments and the way radiation affects them can vary greatly.

A partnership between the American Cancer Society (ACS) and The Mississippi Cancer Institute has been made to provide a local ACS Resource Center.  This center will provide free wigs, bras and prosthesis to those undergoing cancer treatments and facing partial or total hair loss.  The Cancer Resource Center, located in The Mississippi Cancer Institute, will also provide an array of patient support programs to help cancer patients throughout their cancer journey and beyond. In addition, several of these programs are also available for caregivers and family members.  The Center is staffed by volunteers, who have been both recruited
and trained by the American Cancer Society and The Mississippi Cancer Institute.   To meet the expected requests and visits to the Center, The American Cancer Society will continue to seek volunteers to staff the facility. Anyone wishing to serve as a volunteer should have some basic computer experience, but most of all they should be good listeners and compassionate to the needs of cancer patients. For more information regarding the cancer center, or to volunteer to help staff the American Cancer Society Cancer Resource Center contact us today._DSC3290320px

While some patients may lose their appetite during treatment, others may experience side effects of nausea, vomiting or mouth sores. It is important for you to try and maintain a balanced diet. Those who eat well during their treatments will feel better, have more energy and prevent any further weight loss. It is often easier and better to eat small, frequent meals than to consume a large amount at one time. A registered dietician consults with every patient receiving treatment and provides follow up care throughout the entire treatment for those in need.

Treatment Hours
Our treatment hours at the Mississippi Cancer Institute are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. All weekends and holidays are excluded. You will be notified by the radiation therapist of any changes that may occur in your treatment schedule. If a conflict arises with your daily appointment time, please contact your radiation therapist at 601-249-5510.

Our parking facilities are right outside the Mississippi Cancer Institute. If you need assistance, you may be dropped off outside the front door. If the parking lot is full, overflow parking will be in the lot, right next door to the Mississippi Cancer Institute.