Patient Resources


Click on the Link below for a PDF Document with instruction on how to regeister for HealthyMe.

Instructions to Register for HealthyMe

Mail and Flowers

Mail and flowers arriving for you will be delivered to your room. Mail received after your discharge will be forwarded to the home address given to us upon admission. If you are a patient in one of our critical care areas, flowers will be held until you are moved to a regular room.

LifeLinks Interpreter Service

All patient care areas have access to a video and telephone interpreter service. The patient caregiver will provide the interpreter information over the phone and the information will be interpreted to the patient. This service is available whenever necessary.

SMRMC also provides Telecommunication Device for the Deaf Service (TDDS) and closedcaptioned television.

Food Service Options

Cafeteria-Located in the Basement

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday                                         Saturday & Sunday

Breakfast------- 6 am – 9 am                     Breakfast------- 6 am – 9 am

Lunch---------- 11 am – 1 pm                     Lunch---------- 11 am – 1 pm

Dinner ---------- 4 pm – 6 pm                     Not Open For Dinner

A vending area for food, drinks and snacks is located in the basement and available 24 hours a day.

Subway-Located in the Basement

      Monday – Friday

          7 am – 9 pm

Pastoral Services

The Department of Pastoral Services offers spiritual and emotional support for our patients and their families. Our chaplains provide pastoral care recognizing and respecting varied personal beliefs. To meet the needs of our patients and families, a chaplain is on call 24-hours a day. You may contact a chaplain by dialing extension 1635 or “0” for the operator. Your nurse will also be able to forward your request.


The main hospital chapel is located adjacent to the Surgery waiting room and across from the Pink Ladies desk on the lobby floor (north end) of the main hospital. The chapel in the Cardiovascular Institute of Mississippi is located in the walkway leading from the main hospital and adjacent to the Cardiovascular Surgery area. Our chapels are open 24-hours a day, providing a quiet, reverent atmosphere for prayer and meditation.

Contacting the Ethics

Committee Our organization recognizes that patients, relatives, and medical personnel sometimes face difficult decisions regarding the patient’s continued care or planning for the end of life. To help provide guidance during this difficult time, Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center has established an Ethics Committee. Should you have an ethical issue or concern, the Ethics Committee will, by request, work to provide you and your family a confidential consultation and emotional support. Your physician, nurse, or other staff can tell you how you can obtain the assistance of the Ethics Committee or you can call 249-1822 (“0” for the switchboard operator or 1822 from inside the hospital) and ask to speak to an administrative representative about your request.