DDC Patient Comments

JULY 2017 DDC Patient Callback Comments

Very happy.

Care was excellent.


Great and very fast too.

Everyone was very nice. When you go to the hospital, you hope for really good care and I am so thankful for the kindness y'all showed me when I was there.

Very sweet and appreciate everything.

Y'all did all you had to do.

Very much satisfied; appreciate all your concern.

Y'all are sweethearts.

Y'all done good.

You all treated me like a queen.

Told everybody how wonderful you all are.

Y'all are the best.

Very happy with care, everyone was super nice.

I can't tell you how nice everyone was at the hospital and clinic. The care was excellent. You can't pass perfection.

It was splendid. Coffee was delicious.

Always satisfied, all good.

Treated like royalty, everything was wonderful.

Everybody was so nice, excellent, real helpful; would recommend to anybody.

They did pretty well.

Did a good job.

Everything went well, treated met fine.

It was great.

It was wonderful.

Everything was fine.

Very very good care.

Very nice; never been there before, care was wonderful.

Very much satisfied.

You did everything all right.

It was perfect.

It was fine.

It was lovely.

Everything was great.

Everybody was great.

Very satisfied, everything was wonderful.

Everything was good.

Everything went okay.

Did a good job.

Everything went fine.

You done good.

Absolutely satisfied, y'all did perfect.

Anybody couldn't done better.

It was great.

All was great.

Always satisfied with my care at Southwest.