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Southwest Health System: Going Further So You Don't Have To.

At Southwest Health System, we provide a wide range of medical services for our clients. Our skilled and caring staff makes it so that you don't have to travel far for the high-quality medical care you need and deserve. Our goal is to provide excellent care to patients in Southwest Mississippi and Eastern Louisiana.

Without Southwest Health System, most of our patients would be forced to travel around 60 to 100 miles for comparable healthcare. They would have to go to Jackson, Mississippi; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; or New Orleans, Louisiana to receive the type of excellent care we offer right here in their community.

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Legacy of Care & Excellence in McComb & Monticello, Mississippi

Southwest Health System has been serving patients since 1969. Our commitment to our patients has stayed strong in that time. We continue to put our patients first and provide advanced healthcare for local residents. Our doctors went to the same medical schools as those employed at large facilities in major nearby cities, but chose to live here and raise their families in McComb.

Our CEO, Norman Price, has been visionary in his leadership and continues to lay out forward-thinking plans that promote the interests of our patients and help Southwest Health System become all that it can be. Other health systems of our size and in similar communities have been bought out or ended up in bankruptcy courts, but not Southwest Health System. We have continued to flourish and to serve our community better and more effectively, with new services.

Contact our hospital staff today if you have any questions-we'll be happy to answer and help you in any way we can.