Family Practice / Internal Medicine

Family Practice & Internal Medicine Clinics

The Family Practice and Internal Medicine Clinics are intended to increase the availability and accessibility of primary health care to meet the needs of the community.

Each clinic staffs Family Nurse Practitioners who, in collaboration with a physician, will meet the primary health care needs of all ages in the community.

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse (RN) with advanced education and clinical training. Nurse practitioners provide health care to families with children and adult members. Nurse practitioners have a unique approach to health care which combines their advanced knowledge and skills with their proven caring, compassion, and communication to build trust and patient satisfaction.

  • McComb Family Practice Clinic
    1506 Harrison Avenue
    McComb MS 39648
    FAX 601-249-1794
    Kevin Ricks, M.D.
    Marcie Aldridge, CFNP
  • Lawrence Co. Family Practice
    1135 E. Broad St.
    Monticello MS 39654

    Fax 601-587-1625

    Patrick Wood, MD ​
    Kiley McLendon, CFNP
    Kim McCloud, CFNP
  • Premier Medical Clinic
    300 Rawls Drive, Suite 600
    McComb MS 39648
    Fax 601-249-4474
    Daniel Boone, DO
    Marcella Roberts, CFNP
    Renie Jordan, MD
    Eric Hill, CFNP

  • Southwest Center for Orthopedics
    and Sports Medicine

    1506 Aston Avenue
    McComb MS 39648
    Fax 601-249-4852
    Theodore Jordan, MD
    Brian Kindl, MD
    Thomas B. Jeffcoat, MD
    Bhavik Patel, APNP

  • Southwest Pulmonary Medicine
    212 Marion Avenue
    McComb MS 39648
    Fax 601-249-1544
    Olukunle Ajagbe, MD
    Michelle Thomas, FNP-C

  • Mississippi Women’s OB/GYN
    1015 Delaware Avenue., STE. B
    McComb MS 39648
    Fax 601-249-0957
    James Nobles, MD

  • Southwest Surgical
    1311 Aston Ave.
    McComb MS 39648
    Fax: 601-684-2488
    William Dixon, MD
    Robert Harris, MD

  • The Mississippi Cancer Institute
    1501 Aston Avenue
    McComb, MS 39648
    Burnett Hanson, MD, Radiation Oncology
    Ronald D. Delrie, MD, Hematology Oncology

    Christy Boyte, NP-C

  • Southwest Center for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine
    303 Marion Avenue,
    (within The Cardiovascular
    Institute of Mississippi)
    Fax: 601-249-4729
    Gabe Gabler, DPT, Director
    Cardiopulmonary Rehab

    Pat Parker, DPT

  • Cardiovascular Institute of Mississippi
    303 Marion Avenue
    McComb MS 39648
    Fax 601-249-1339
    Carl Feind, MD
    Christos Kasapis, MD
    Jordan Harrington, CFNP
    Steve Arnold, ACNP
    Misti Hedgepeth, AGNP

  • Gastroenterology Associates
    300 Rawls Drive, Suite 1200
    McComb MS 39648
    Fax 601-249-4716
    Stephen Keith, MD
    Mary Thornton, CFNP
    Joey Richard, CFNP