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Lawrence County Hospital

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About This Location

Lawrence County Hospital is a 25-acute bed care center and division of Southwest Health Systems. Designated as a Critical Access Hospital, we have been proud to provide excellent services for our patients since 1960. Our average length of stay is 96 hours. We are approved by the state of Mississippi to participate in both Medicare and Medicaid programs. Lawrence County Hospital is licensed by the Mississippi Hospital Association as well as the Mississippi State Department of Health. Providers at this location
  • Rebecca Burris - Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Dr. Brantley B. Pace - Family Practice
  • Dr. Dan Boone - Family Practice
  • Kim McCloud - Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Kiley McLendon - Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Caron Henderson - Wound Care Provider
Services at this location

We offer a broad range of services, including:

  • Emergency Department / Ambulance Department - Our Emergency and Ambulance Departments are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to administer urgent care for patients with traumatic injuries.
  • Radiology Department - The imaging services at our Radiology Department include radiography, ultrasounds, and computerized tomography (CAT or CT) scans.
  • Respiratory Therapy - Tests offered at our Respiratory Therapy center include EKG, EEG, and Holter monitoring.
  • Clinical Laboratory - Our Clinical Laboratory offers bacteriology analyzing, coagulation testing, full chemistry profile, blood tests, and more. We offer 24-hour coverage and also have a blood bank.
  • Dietary / Nutrition - Our dietary consultation is designed to help outpatients develop therapeutic diet plans.
  • Outpatient Services - These services are available with physician orders Monday through Friday, and include lab work, epogen / neupogen injections, medication treatment, and wound care. Our Cardiology Clinic is hosted twice a month and overseen by a cardiologist. Our Outpatient Wound Care Clinic is offered weekly under the supervision of a wound care specialist.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program - Our Intensive Outpatient Program is designed to help older patients who need intensive psychiatric intervention and are able to receive this treatment on an outpatient basis.
  • Swing-Bed Care - This program involves temporary skilled nursing care for Medicare patients in a rural hospital and is offered on a physician referral basis. There are requirements for this program: You must have been in an acute care facility within the last 30 days or at least three days prior to admission. The program lasts, on average, under 20 days for most patients. Learn more about this program by contacting us.
  • Wound Care - Healing wounds is our speciality. Click here for a PDF of the Wound Care Brochure

Click here for a PDF of the Intensive Outpatient Brochure

Our goal at Southwest Health System is to serve you well: Contact our Mississippi hospital if you have any questions.