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Southwest Regional Women's Center

We know how special your new baby is. So we went to extra special effort to make the Southwest Regional Women's Center Maternity Suites one of the South's finest resources for maternity services.

This unit features nine luxurious, multi-functional LDRP suites, giving you the option to choose the single-room system of childbirth, the method increasingly popular and prevalent with today's new mothers.

Of course, you may opt for our traditional postpartum room; SMRMC offers ten beautifully renovated and enlarged rooms for this choice as well.

Our family-centered maternity suites offer the ideal venue for all phases of childbirth: labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum. These suites enable you and your loved ones to share the experience in a single, comfortable, yet medically sophisticated environment.

What’s more, the complete resources of the area’s premier hospital are close at hand should they become necessary. In fact, two operating rooms, a critical care nursery and our infant care nursery are conveniently located in the same unit.

Our nursing staff is another integral component of the birthing experience at Southwest Regional. From providing personal care and answering questions to demonstrating helpful parenting techniques, our caring and considerate nurses will be there for you throughout your stay.

Another wonderful feature of our single-room suites is your freedom of choice to have your baby stay with you. As long as your newborn is healthy, he or she may stay in the room with you as much as you like. Of course, the Women's Center nursery is always staffed with attentive, loving caregivers to look after your baby whenever you need rest or privacy.

Visitation Policy

Our objective is to ensure an atmosphere of quiet, restful bonding for our mothers and babies, and to protect our newborns from infections. Colds, flu or other viruses and illnesses you would normally consider minor could be hazardous to the health of our SMRMC babies. We ask you, your family members, and other guests to abide by these rules:

  • Always check at the nurse's station first.
  • No smoking at any time by mothers, their family, or visitors.
  • There may be up to four visitors in a room at any given time during the mother's stay in the L/D/R/P rooms.
  • The mother will decide who remains with her during delivery.
  • Visitors will wait in the waiting area when not in the mother's room.
  • Siblings only, may visit during your stay. We ask that you not bring sick children into the unit.
  • After delivery, the regular visiting hours are observed. The hours are 2-4 p.m. and 6-8 p.m


Patrick Daigle, MD

Kevin Richardson, MD

Anh Vu, MD

Shaylia Standberry, FNP-BC

Tera Givens, NP, Midwife