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St. Luke Home Health & Hospice

Your Health, Your Community, Our Priority

Our home care services at Southwest Health aims to provide patients with quality medical care in the comfortable, familiar environment of home. Everything we do at our Mississippi hospital centers on our patients' well-being-this mission of excellence extends to our hospice and home care services. At St. Luke Home Health & Hospice, we work hard to ensure that our patients have access to safe, therapeutic environments.


What Is the Difference Between Hospice Care & Home Care?

Hospice care has the following attributes:

  • Hospice is a philosophy of care
  • Hospice is holistic in approach, and includes nursing, physicians, social services, counseling, spiritual care, therapies, and volunteers
  • Skilled care is not essential, but is available
  • Homebound status not essential; care can be given wherever the patient resides
  • Inpatient respite care is available
  • Bereavement counseling is provided
  • Written bereavement care plan required.
  • Care continues if patient lives longer than six months
  • Up to 24-hour nursing care at home is available for acute pain and crisis management
  • The patient / family is viewed as a unit of care
  • Patients are terminally ill
  • Nurses specialize in pain and symptom management
  • Purpose of program is comfort, not cure
  • There is a heavy emphasis on emotional and spiritual support for the client and family

Home care is different and defined by these attributes:

  • Home care is a method of delivering nursing care
  • Nursing is involved, along with other therapies as necessary
  • Home care must be skilled care
  • Home care must be homebound
  • No respite care is available
  • Home care does not include bereavement counseling
  • No care plan is required as the client is discharged on death and the family is not followed
  • Home care is discharged when skilled need no longer exists
  • 24-hour nursing care is not available
  • Care is client-oriented
  • Home care encompasses a wide range of client problems from those affecting newborns to the terminally ill
  • Nurses use a variety of skills
  • The purpose of a home care program is rehabilitation and cure
  • There is an emphasis in home care on physical care

You Open Your Home. We Open Our Hearts.

Home care lets you stay where you are and enjoy the most independence and self-reliance possible while receiving the medical care you need. Our hospice experts strive to provide you and / or your loved one with the trained services and pain management necessary to live in comfort in your familiar environment. Our team of registered nurses, home health aides, chaplains, caregivers, and social workers all work together to provide the best care possible.

Learn More About St. Luke Home Health & Hospice

St. Luke Home Health & Hospice serves communities throughout the McComb area, including Pike, Amite, Franklin, Lincoln, Copiah, Lawrence, Walthall, Covington, Marion, Lamar, Jeff Davis, Simpson, and Smith counties. You or your pastor, doctor, family member, spouse, friend, or anyone else can call us at any time for hospice / home care service. We'll develop a treatment plan designed around your needs. We look forward to serving you.


Columbia Office: Call 601-690-0894

Brookhaven Office: Call 601-833-4619

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