Electronic Caregiver

With the push of a small button.your family, neighbors, police, fire department, or ambulance are on the way without your having to be near a phone.

Heather O'Quinn
Electronic Caregiver Coordinator
601 249-8570

Health Watch is a program of Southwest Regional in connection with Lifeline Systems, Inc.

  • It is a personal emergency response system which links you 24 hours a day to your hospital.
  • It allows you to move freely around your home or yard with the confidence of knowing if you need help your Lifeline System will call for it.

Who uses this service?

  • People who live alone.
  • New mothers who may need to get help for their infant without leaving the cribside.
  • People who may be concerned about their personal safety or security.
  • Those with ongoing medical conditions.
  • Post operative patients who want to maintain a link to medical assistance.
  • Disabled or handicapped individuals.

Important features:

  • Voice Communication – Superior high output speakerphone enables clear automatic two-way communication between the Lifeline subscriber and the Response Center for fast appropriate response.
  • Speaker phone built into the communicator allows two way voice communication.
  • New VoiceAssistTH Feature – This friendly female voice clarifies audible alarms and instructs subscribers in communicator operation.
  • Adjustable Volume Control – Easily adjusts the communicator's speakerphone volume.
  • RSVP Remote Answering Capability
  • The communicator's two-way speakerphone allows subscribers to answer incoming telephone calls by merely pressing their personal help button-without having to get to the phone.
  • An inactivity timer built into the communicator automatically calls the Response Center if you are unable to press your button.
  • Battery back-up keeps your communicator working even during a power failure.
  • Waterproof Personal Help Button keeps you protected while showering or bathing.

Southwest Seniors

Southwest Seniors is sponsored by St. Luke Home Health & Hospice. Benefits include health and wellness services like free blood pressure screenings, health education seminars and free outpatient diet instructions when ordered by your doctor. You will also receive a 20% discount on meals purchased in the hospital’s cafeteria and a guest meal for anyone staying with you when you are a patient in the hospital, as well as a guest cot.

You do not need a membership card to become a member. Simply call Tina Brumfield, 601 250-4283 to sign up or tell your nurse when you are in the hospital.

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